All vinyl instrumental Hip Hop mix.. Mostly golden era..

Ideal for rapping, scratching, breaking and all round general cyphering activities..

Lotek1200 – All vinyl Hip Hop Mixtape

Funky Shell Toes – I Can’t Wait

DJ Fashion – Brooklyn Stylz

Richie Rich – The Dope Groove

Super Lover Cee & Casinova Rudd – Do The James

Afrika Bambaata – Zulu War Chant

Afrika Bambaata – What’s the Name of this Nation?…Zulu!

Flip Squad – Check Out the Stlye

Sons of Bazerk – The Band gets Swivey on the Wheels

Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb

Ton Loc feat Born Jamericans – Hit the Coast

LL Cool J – The Boomin System

Ya’ll So Stupid – Van Full of Pakistans

FU2 – Boomin in Ya Jeep

Kosmonautz – E=MC5

House of Pain – Who’s the Man

Chuck D – No.

Da Youngsters – Verbal Glock

DJ Fashion – My People

E-Bros Produced by Roc Raida – Don’t Shut Down on a PLayer

KRS ONE – Ove Here

Member of the Legendary X-Ecutioners (NYC), DJ Rob Swift shows why he s regarded as one of the #1 turntablists on earth and one of the #1 innovators helping to push and keep the artform alive today..

Legendary turntablist, creator of the Transformer scratch and inventor of the “Philly Style”.. DJ Cash Money (Phillidelphia USA) brings the funk to Summer Dayze NYE 2009 in Adelaide..

Method Man Release Yo Delf – Lotek1200 Remix feat. The Specialist (Free Download)

The Delfonics Ready or Not – Lotek1200 Remix

F*ck The Police – Lotek1200 Remix / Mashup (Free Download)

Roni Size. Brown Paper Bag – Lotek1200 Remix / Mashup (Free Download)

Shirly Bassey. Think of Me – Lotek1200 Remix

Lotek1200 Scratch – Short Scratch Demo (Free Download 06)

Fakin’ It – Triple bootlegged Jungle

Unkle Bad Touch – The Funky side of Dubstep (Free Download)

Nothing Yet – Liquid DnB

Something New – Atmospheric Dub / Soulfull Jungle

Confusion Dub – Dub/ Glitch/Bass Music (Available on Amazon, ITunes and